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Robyn Dempsey

Robyn Dempsey

Robyn Dempsey completed her midwifery training in 1990 at a Sydney hospital. Since then she has birthed all three of her babies at home with the care of a loving midwife.

The care and respect these women showed her after the birth of her 1st son gave her the confidence to start her own midwifery practice. New Beginnings Midwifery Practice was born, in December 1996.

Robyn believes that childbirth is a very special moment in a woman and her family's life that needs to be nurtured carefully by someone that knows her and will respect her wishes.

Robyn is a Privately Practising midwife and National Co-ordinator of the Australian Society of Independent Midwives.

To learn more about Robyn and get up to date information and resources on pregnancy, birth and parenting, visit Robyn's Website www.homebirthmidwives.com.au

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