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Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson has a passion for assisting mothers to have an uninterrupted physiological birth and loves to assist families who wish to have a homebirth in particular.

Melanie has been a Naturopath for 6 years and specialises in Nutrition and herbal medicine. She is also a midwife in private practice and has been attending women at birth since 2008.

She is currently completing a PhD on 'Birthing out side the System' at the University of Western Sydney with the assistance of a University scholarship.

Melanie is a founding member of 'Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond' Private midwifery group practice and provides midwifery care to mothers, babies and their families in addition to her commitment at the Ella May Centre. Melanie provides midwifery services to families living all over the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury & Western Suburbs and can offer a flexible and accommodating service that best suits your needs.

To learn more about Melanie and get up to date information and resources on pregnancy, birth and parenting, visit Melanie's website www.ellamaycentre.com or her blog melaniethemidwife.blogspot.com

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