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Geesje (pronounced Geesha) has been a midwife since 1993. Geesje an endorsed midwife in private practice and  a Lactation Consultant, who is based in South West Sydney but happy to travel reasonable distances. 

During the past 10 years Geesje was as a caseload midwife in the public health system, actively trying to set up publicly funded home births.

During this time Geesje returned to the Netherlands twice to work in an independent midwifery group practice for a year, in an area where up to 30% of the women birth at home.

In 2014 Geesje commenced the Masters of Primary Maternity Care which has fuelled her passion for women centred care and birthing at home. This encouraged Geesje to commence private midwifery practice and work with the wonderful midwives at Midwives@Sydney&Beyond.   

Geesje's Dutch heritage has instilled a healthy perspective on pregnancy and birth. Whilst pregnancy and birth is a profound experience for the woman and her significant others, it is also a normal life event. Therefore medicalisation should be kept to a minimum unless there are clear reason's why the mother or the baby would benefit from intervention. 

Geesje and Steve have three children of which two were born at home and one in a birth centre.

Contact details: Mobile 0477999845.        Email: geesje.mcguire@gmail.com

 Business name: Being Born Midwifery        (Website under construction)                   

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