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Pregnant belly

Pregnancy and birth are a natural and healthy event. Continuity of care right through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period is provided no matter where your plan to give birth.  Your midwife will support you birthing in the place of your choice: Home, hospital or birth centre. You are attended in labour once it has established or when you request midwifery assistance. If the labour is long, a backup midwife is available.

Pregnancy Care

Once you've chosen your midwife you can book an appointment at a time that suits you. Depending on your individual requirements, you generally see your midwife between seven to fourteen visits during your pregnancy. You will have ample opportunity to learn about pregnancy, birth and parenting, to ask questions and check anything you’re unsure about. Your midwife has a large resource library that you are welcome to use. Pregnancy visits are around one hour. During the visits your midwife will assess both mother and baby's well being, should a complication arise your midwife will explore all options with you and support your choices for care.

Labour and Birth Care

Women can contact their midwife 24 hours a day for urgent concerns and for labour and birth. Your midwife provides supportive labour and birth care while while monitoring both mother and baby's progress discretely, aiming to avoid disturbing the labour process. Your midwife will support you in your choices for labour and birth.

Postnatal Care

After the birth postnatal care is provided for up to six weeks.  On average there are seven postnatal visits, which includes a six week postnatal check. The timing of the postnatal visits is negotiated after the birth. The aim is for the midwife to visit the woman when she most likely to need assistance. If further postnatal care or lactation consultation (for any ongoing breastfeeding problems) is required additional visits can be arranged.

Comprehensive Six Week Postnatal Check

A comprehensive six-week check is provided. Follow up after the birth is important. The aim is promote the general health and well being of both mother and baby. This check lasts approximately one hour. Education provided includes infant feeding, postnatal exercises, parenting and family adjustments, family planning and community resources. This visit signals the end of the midwifery care package.

A summary of the complete 'Pregnancy, birth and postnatal package' is presented below: